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DLC | Press Release | December 3, 2010
DLC Applauds Conclusion of U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Negotiations

CONTACT: Edward Gresser egresser@dlc.org

Washington, DC, (December 3, 2010) -- Reacting to the conclusion of the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement negotiations, Democratic Leadership Council president and Trade Working Group leaders applauded the Obama administration for its hard and patient work to finish the negotiations and termed the agreement an historic achievement.

U.S. Representative Greg Meeks, chairman of the DLC's Global Economy Project, said:

"This is a major achievement for the Obama administration, and good economic news in a very difficult time. Korea is a critical ally, one of New York's fastest-growing export markets, and a major partner for our services industries, universities and research labs. I look forward to Congress' consideration and debate on this important agreement."

Ed Gresser, the DLC's president and long-time director for Trade and Global Markets, said:

"This agreement's conclusion offers the United States a big opportunity for growth through exports in the coming years, solidifies the foundation of the U.S.-Korean alliance at an especially challenging moment, and also sends a powerful signal of American ability to shape the future of the Asia-Pacific economy."

Claude Fontheim, chairman of the DLC's Trade Working Group, said:

"This agreement is an important breakthrough for American workers and companies. It is essential to the success of President Obama's National Export Initiative, and to America's national security and foreign policy interests."

The DLC's comment on the earlier breakdown of U.S.-Korea talks, just before the November APEC summit in Seoul, is available at http://www.dlc.org/ndol_ci.cfm?kaid=450022&subid=900228&contentid=255211

For more details, please contact Ed Gresser at egresser@dlc.org.

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