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DLC | Overview | January 5, 2009
DLC Ideas

The Democratic Leadership Council is an organization of elected officials and politically active citizens working together to develop new and effective policy solutions for our country's most important challenges, at every level of government. These ideas are grounded in the great progressive political tradition that has given America its best leaders and most enduring accomplishments.

Like a lot of Democrats, we believe there are four overriding challenges facing America today: making America safe in the midst of a global war against terror; building an opportunity society at a time of great economic insecurity; providing a cultural atmosphere conducive to working families; and reforming a broken and corrupt political system.


Democrats need to spell out clearly the convictions that underlie their vision of American leadership in the post-9/11 world. It's imperative that we recapture the muscular, progressive internationalism of Roosevelt, Truman, and Kennedy, in order to assuage voters' doubts that national security is our party's first priority -- not just something we talk about until we can change the subject.

For more on Security, please visit these policy areas:

Economic Opportunity:

Democrats have to write a new economic story that makes upward mobility once again possible for hard-working Americans. In the past, if you wanted to get ahead you were a Democrat. If you wanted to join the ranks of a growing middle-class you were Democrat. But Americans will never know we're the opportunity party unless we offer a bold, clear vision of economic growth that will help them get ahead.

For more on Economic Opportunity, please visit these policy areas:


Our party has long sought to find common ground by promoting big ideas rooted in the values that most Americans share. Winning the cultural debate doesn't require compromising our values but it does require offering a positive agenda of our own that strengthens families, empowers parents, couples rights with responsibilities, and asks for everyone to give back to their country.

For more on Values, please visit these policy areas:


Our party has always spoken to America most eloquently when, as reformers, we confront the status quo with a positive agenda for change. We need to reclaim the mantle of reform and innovation.

For more on Reform, please visit these policy areas:

The American people deserve a Democratic Party that champions the values, interests, and safety of the broad middle class and all who aspire to join it. We can build a lasting majority, but only if we do the hard work to earn voters' trust.