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    Congressional Agenda

    Download a printable copy of the DLC's Congressional Agenda

    In this election year, progressives are facing a rare opportunity: the chance to build a governing majority that can last.

    While much of the attention is understandably focused on the presidential race, there will also be vital elections at the congressional level nationwide. It is in Congress that progressives can deliver a legislative program that helps working families, promotes our national security, and builds a prosperous and healthy future for our children and grandchildren.

    This new, updated version of the Democratic Leadership Council's (DLC) Congressional Agenda is devoted to helping progressives make the most of this opportunity.

    The proposals that follow represent some of the most promising ideas for modern solutions grounded in the progressive movement's commitment to opportunity, responsibility, security, and reform.

    Policy Agendas

    Expanding and Securing Homeownership for All Americans

    Making Work Pay: Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit

    Universal Access to College

    Universal Retirement and Pensions

    Health Care Coverage for All Americans

    About the Congressional Agenda

    A New Direction for America: An Action Blueprint for Congress

    Policy Agendas (Cont.)

    Champions of Fiscal Responsibility

    Opportunity Through Globalization and Trade

    Progressive Energy Policy

    Progressive Internationalism and Stronger Homeland Security

    Securing America's Food Supply