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    Political Reform

    IDEA LAB: Ban the Gerrymander
    Under redistricting reforms currently before Congress, districts will be fair -- designed not through political machinations but clear and transparent criteria that yield competitive races. The Congress that results will be somewhat less bound to party base constituencies and somewhat more reflective of the pragmatic, moderate majority of Americans. Thus the political system will be more able to win the public's confidence and respect.

    (Note: This report may take a minute to download. File size: 5.7 MB.)

    The Parties

    The Republican Primaries and the End of Reaganism

    Keeping the Promise of Post-Partisanship
    By Al From

    Obama's Options
    By Will Marshall

    Record Voter Turnouts Promising for Democrats
    By Ed Kilgore and Matt Compton

    Due Diligence in Iowa
    By Will Marshall


    The Vital Center

    Ban the Gerrymander

    Reaching Out to Wal-Mart Voters in the Forgotten Middle Class
    By Al From

    Who Are the Swing Voters?
    By Al From and Victoria Lynch

    When Candidates Can't Lose
    By Bruce Reed and Marc Dunkelman

    Expanding the Democratic Base
    By Al From


    Interest Groups

    The Lessons of California and New York: Good Politics Is Killing Good Policy
    By Marc Dunkelman

    Loving the 'burbs
    By Peter Ross Range

    Upper-class Squeeze
    By Bruce Reed

    Change, Or Be History
    By Andy Stern

    Baby Bust
    By Phillip Longman



    Reinventing Government, Round Two

    The Emerging Politics of Globalization
    By Mark Penn & Thomas Z. Freedman

    Growing the Vote
    By Ed Kilgore

    The Democratic Party and the 2004 Election
    By Mark J. Penn

    ...But Only With the Right Agenda
    By Mark J. Penn



    Shoe Tariffs: America's Worst Tax
    By Ed Gresser

    Partisan Superfans are Driving Average Americans From Politics
    By Marc Dunkelman

    An Easy Fix for the Appointment Crunch
    By Edward Gresser

    The Ultimate Post-Partisan Issue
    By Will Marshall

    Obama: Right on 'Buy American'
    By Edward Gresser



    Less of the complaining ...

    Some Good News on Housing
    By Paul Weinstein Jr.

    Gerrymandering the Vote

    Toward a More Stimulating Debate on the Economy
    By Ed Kilgore

    Idea of the Week: A Free Trade Agreement With Peru


    Campaign Finance

    The Devil's Advocates Regroup on Campaign Reform

    Whose Side Is the President On At "Armageddon?"

    Campaign Finance Reform: Now and Later

    Breaking the Deadlock On Campaign Reform

    Campaign Reform Postmortem
    By Curtis Gans


    America by the Numbers

    America by the Numbers: Comparing the Presidents' Economic Records
    By Al From

    America by the Numbers: Trust on Two Key Issues Central to Presidential Elections
    By Al From

    America by the Numbers: A Closer Look at Trust in Government
    By Al From

    America by the Numbers: How Tariffs Hurt the Working Poor
    By Al From

    America by the Numbers: There's More Trust in Government, Not Hunger For Big Government
    By Al From