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    Trade & Global Markets
    The mission of the DLC's Global Economy Project is to develop progressive national policies designed to help rebuild America's role as the global economic leader, and to help workers and families manage the stresses and take advantage of the opportunities created by the rapidly evolving global economy. More...

    More Growth, Less Gridlock: Toward a New Trade Agenda
    By Edward Gresser
    As the Obama administration works to pull the nation out of its economic crisis, trade policy should accordingly work to spur growth by promoting innovative new industries and clean technologies at home, and by supporting the globe's poorest citizens and reconciliation with the Muslim world.

    Regional Issues

    Congress: Give Haiti HOPE

    The Emerging Asian Union?
    By Edward Gresser

    Blank Spot on the Map: How Trade Policy is Working Against the War on Terror
    By Edward Gresser

    Sixty percent of developing-country workers are "informal."

    One country in every seven is a European Union member.


    The Globalization Debate

    Trade and the 2010 Elections
    By Edward Gresser

    Imports as Inputs
    By Doug Karmin

    Winning in the World Economy II

    Confessions of a Pro-Trade Democrat
    By Al From

    Freedom From Want
    By Edward Gresser


    World Trade Organization

    Technology Transfer
    By Doug Karmin

    Fighting the Pirate Boom
    By Edward Gresser

    Farm Policy and Doha
    By Edward Gresser

    Testimony of Edward Gresser Before the Senate Subcommittee on International Trade

    New World Order
    By Robert J. Shapiro


    U.S. Trade Policy

    Remarks on the KORUS Free Trade Agreement
    By Ambassador Han Duk-soo

    Update the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement
    By Edward Gresser

    More Growth, Less Gridlock: Toward a New Trade Agenda
    By Edward Gresser

    Toughest on the Poor: Tariffs, Taxes, and the Single Mom
    By Edward Gresser

    US Tariff System Hits the Poor Hardest
    By Edward Gresser


    Trade Facts

    Unemployment is highest in the Middle East.

    Foreign students received 1,048 of last year's 1,694 electrical engineering Ph.D.s.

    Russia is the largest country outside the WTO.

    Leprosy rates have dropped by 95 percent since 1985.

    South Sudan: the world's newest country.


    Finance & Investment

    Currency trading is the world's largest market.

    Idea of the Week: Connecting the Poor

    Race to the .... Top?
    By Edward Gresser

    Putting the U.S. Trade Deficit in Perspective
    By Jenny Bates

    Trade Deficit Review Commission