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    National Defense & Homeland Security

    A National Security Court
    By Harvey Rishikof
    More than seven years after President Bush declared a war on terror, America still lacks a legitimate legal framework for bringing terrorists to justice. This failure to devise fair and open procedures for detaining and trying suspects has gravely damaged the U.S. struggle against transnational terrorism.

    The War Against Terrorism

    A National Security Court
    By Harvey Rishikof

    FBI Rules Add Little To War On Terrorism
    By Jim Arkedis

    Getting Intelligence Reform Right
    By Jim Arkedis

    Free Trade Can Fight Terror
    By Edward Gresser and Marc Dunkelman

    Disjointed Effort
    By Jim Arkedis


    Military Transformation

    Reforming Defense Acquisition
    By Jordan Tama

    Idea of the Week: Military Base Realignment

    Distorting the Record
    By Steven J. Nider

    Stressed Out
    By Steven J. Nider

    Move Toward Real, Not Just Rhetorical, Transformation
    By Steven Nider


    Emerging Threats

    China's rare earth data: 97 percent of production, 36 percent of reserves.

    A Threat To Collective Security

    Idea of the Week: Port Security

    Nukes Still Loose

    Idea of the Week: Fighting Nuclear Terrorism


    Regional Issues

    Stay and Win in Iraq
    By Will Marshall

    New Dem of the Week: Greg Nickels

    New Dem of the Week: Brian Moran

    Plan B on Iraq

    Grand Strategy
    By Kenneth M. Pollack



    American military spending is 43 percent of the world total.

    Strategic Pause and Future Conflict
    By T.X. Hammes

    Fixing the Department of Homeland Security
    By Elaine Kamarck

    Rebuilding America's Reserves
    By Phillip Carter

    Transportation Security: Lots of Pain, Too Little Gain


    Technology & Innovation

    New Dem of the Week: Adam Schiff

    Achieving Homeland Security through Innovation and Leadership
    By Jason Newman

    Technological Innovation Without Big Brother
    By Shane Ham and Robert D. Atkinson

    Can the Use of Factual Data Analysis Strengthen National Security?
    By John D. Cohen

    A Home Front To-Do List
    By Jose Cerda III


    Progressive Internationalism

    The world has become more peaceful.

    National Security
    By Jim Arkedis and Mark Ribbing

    How Democrats Can Continue to Bridge "The Security Gap"
    By Lt. Gen. Dan Christman (ret.)

    The 'Security Thing'
    By Mark Ribbing

    Play It as It Lies
    By William A. Galston