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    Memos to the New President

    * FOREWORD: By Will Marshall and Mark Ribbing
    * Table of Contents
    * Download the Book (PDF)

    Fixing Our Broken Politics

    Reforming Congressional Elections
    By Ed Kilgore

    Restoring the Promise of Social Mobility

    Ending Child Hunger in America
    By Joel Berg and Tom Freedman

    A Work Bonus for Men
    By Katie Campbell

    Closing the Graduation Gap
    By Doug Ross

    Investing in Early Education for Future Growth
    By Loranne Ausley and Katie McMinn Campbell

    New Designs for National Security

    A National Security Court
    By Harvey Rishikof

    Achieving Peace and Prosperity in the Greater Middle East
    By Edward Gresser

    Creating a Nuclear-Fuel Bank
    By Sen. Evan Bayh

    National Security Planning for the Long Term
    By Jim Arkedis

    Reforming Defense Acquisition
    By Jordan Tama


    About The Book

    Foreword: Memos To The New President
    By Will Marshall and Mark Ribbing

    About the Authors: Memos to the New President

    Table of Contents: Memos to the New President

    About the 'Memos to the Next President' Series

    New Foundations for Shared Prosperity

    A Progressive Fix for Social Security
    By Robert C. Pozen

    Building America's 21st Century Infrastructure
    By Jessica Milano

    From Tax Cuts to Tax Reform
    By Paul Weinstein Jr.

    Putting America's Transportation System on Track
    By Paul Weinstein Jr.

    Smart Regulation for Financial Markets
    By Eugene A. Ludwig

    Fueling Clean Growth

    America's Nuclear Waste and What to Do With It
    By Bill Magwood and Mark Ribbing

    Establishing a Global Environmental Organization (GEO)
    By Ed Gresser and Jan Mazurek

    Making America the World's Clean-Car Leader
    By Jan Mazurek

    Putting Energy in the White House
    By Dave Edwards

    Energy Efficiency as Economic Stimulus
    By Daniel Sosland, Derek Murrow, and Samuel Krasnow

    Affordable Health Care for All

    Health Courts for Medical Justice
    By David B. Kendall

    Health Reform that Pays for Itself
    By David B. Kendall

    Improving Health Care -- By 'Spreading the Mayo' (the Mayo Clinic Model, That Is)
    By David Kendall

    Reinventing Health Care -- The Role of States
    By David Osborne