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    Policy Report | July 15, 2009 |
    A Kindle in Every Backpack
    By Thomas Z. Freedman
    Amid the important and often heated debate over education reforms such as merit-based teacher pay and charter schools, the nation is missing an obvious opportunity to use new technology to improve dramatically the education our children receive.

    Teacher Quality

    Finding the Teachers We Need
    By Frederick M. Hess, Andrew J. Rotherham, and Kate Walsh

    Lifting Teacher Performance
    By Andrew Leigh and Sara Mead

    Grading Teachers
    By Andrew Rotherham

    Teacher Incentives
    By Sen. Tom Carper

    Opportunity and Responsibility for National Board Certified Teachers
    By Andrew J. Rotherham


    Federal Education Policy

    New Dem of the Week: Bill Ritter

    New Dem of the Week: Jim Webb

    New Dem of the Week: Ted Strickland

    Graduation Party
    By Bruce Reed

    Saving the American Dream


    Standards & Accountability

    American eighth-grade math students: 8th out of 48 countries?

    New Dem of the Week: Andrew Romanoff

    Schools, Race, and Opportunity

    New Dem of the Week: Kathleen Sebelius

    When More Isn't Better
    By Dr. Paul Kimmelman


    Innovative Strategies

    A Kindle in Every Backpack
    By Thomas Z. Freedman

    Closing the Graduation Gap
    By Doug Ross

    New Dem of the Week: Gavin Newsom

    New Dem of the Week: Brian Schweitzer

    Idea of the Week: Tax Reform for Higher Education and Training


    Public School Choice & Charters

    Get Mayors in the Schooling Game
    By David Harris and Andrew J. Rotherham

    D.C.'s Charter Experiment: Mixed Grades, Great Promise

    Chasing the Blues Away: Charter Schools Scale Up in Chicago
    By Robin J. Lake and Lydia Rainey

    Texas Roundup: Charter Schooling in the Lone Star State
    By Nelson Smith

    A Tough Nut to Crack in Ohio: Charter Schooling in the Buckeye State
    By Alexander Russo


    Special Education

    A Bright IDEA

    Think Twice: Special Education Vouchers Are Not All Right
    By Andrew J. Rotherham and Sara Mead

    The Politics of IDEA Funding
    By Andrew J. Rotherham

    PPI Co-Sponsors Study of Parent Attitudes toward Special Education Programs

    Ensuring High Quality Education for Students with Special Needs
    By Andrew J. Rotherham


    Early Childhood

    New Dem of the Week: Phil Bredesen

    New Dem of the Week: Phil Bredesen

    Idea of the Week: Universal Pre-K

    Universal Preschool
    By Sen. Tom Carper

    Idea of the Week: A National Pre-K Strategy