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    Economic & Fiscal Policy

    Testimony of Edward Gresser to Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform
    "Our long-term fiscal challenge is the result of facts about demography and health costs, and the consequences of these facts. Therefore our policy measures need to be combined with an effort to change the facts: to provide more workers and entrepreneurs despite slower population growth, to have fewer retirees despite an aging population, to reduce health inflation despite new medical technologies, and to promote faster growth in GDP despite slower growth in the workforce."

    Budget Strategies

    DLC Chair Harold Ford, Jr. Statement on Bipartisan Fiscal Commission

    Testimony of Edward Gresser to Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform
    By Edward Gresser

    U.S. net national debt in 2010: 66 percent of GDP.

    Sell More, Borrow Less
    By Edward Gresser and Paul Weinstein Jr.

    Health System Modernization Will Reduce the Deficit
    By David M. Cutler


    Work & Incomes

    Where Jobs Come From
    By Jessica Milano

    A Matter of Degrees
    By Jessica Milano, Bruce Reed, and Paul Weinstein Jr.

    America's Awful Employment Decade
    By Edward Gresser

    How to Really Help Low-Wage Workers
    By Thomas Z. Freedman

    Raising Our Game
    By Edward Gresser, Paul Weinstein, Jr., and Will Marshall


    Legal Reform

    The Right Path to Healthy Habits
    By Edward Gresser

    New Dem of the Week: David Paterson

    Compromise on Class Action Reform

    The Class Action Fairness Act
    By Walter Dellinger

    Breakthrough in the Courts?

    Tax Reform

    Idea of the Week: Letting All Homeowners Benefit from Mortgage Interest Deduction

    New Dem of the Week: Don Cunningham

    New Dem of the Week: Joe Crowley

    Idea of the Week: Tax Reform for Higher Education and Training

    Close the Tax Gap
    By Paul Weinstein Jr.


    Social Security

    Social Security and Medicare Reform for the Twenty-First Century
    By Will Marshall

    Fixing Social Security
    By Will Marshall

    A Perfect Fiscal Storm
    By Will Marshall

    Social Security: Fix it Now
    By Will Marshall

    Tax Waste, Not Work
    By Will Marshall