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    Idea Lab
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    DLC | E-newsletter December 2, 2010
    The Financial Future
    Fiscal commission co-chairs Bowles and Simpson have earned the public's gratitude with the dreaft release of their report, "Moment of Truth". We congratulate them and look forward to the debate on how to address our country's financial future.

    DLC | E-newsletter November 19, 2010
    Close in Seoul; No Time to Give Up
    Bruised as it may feel over the breakdown of talks on the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement, the administration needs to send its negotiators back to work and let them finish the job.

    DLC | E-newsletter October 1, 2010
    Fellows Update
    In 2007, the DLC launched a unique experiment in progressive government. We chose 23 young elected Democrats, from across the country, as Fellows for an intensive two-year commitment to leadership development. Here's an update on eight members of that Fellows class.

    DLC | E-newsletter September 2, 2010
    A Somber Labor Day
    We observe this 128th Labor Day at a difficult time for workers. It is a time for some realism about our challenges and some fortitude in meeting them. But it is also, we insist, a time for some optimism.

    DLC | E-newsletter August 20, 2010
    A Simple Solution to the Appointment Mess
    Nineteen months after the inauguration and a third of the way through President Obama's first term, fully 141 officials languish in the netherworld of vetting, committee hearings, holds, and Senate floor scheduling.

    DLC | E-newsletter August 6, 2010
    Reset in the Middle East
    We see the Obama administration's policy reset in the Middle East, based on an effort to organize global sanctions on Iran -- still in its early stages -- and a largely successful rebuilding of relations with the Israeli government with a summit meeting last month, as a good start.

    DLC | E-newsletter July 23, 2010
    Less of the complaining ...
    The record of the Obama administration is already very strong, and they have done it while battling an inherited economic disaster. Their critics should consider that, and as the midterms approach we advise gently: Less of the complaining, more of the helping.

    DLC | E-newsletter July 9, 2010
    Keeping the Swimming Pools Open
    This summer Philadelphia public pools will employ 800 lifeguards, swimming coaches, and support staff; give a million people some fun and exercise; and offer lessons and swim-team membership to nearly 3,000 children. But behind the numbers is a remarkable example of civic spirit and creative government in crisis by Mayor Michael Nutter.

    DLC | E-newsletter June 25, 2010
    Ban the Gerrymander
    Under redistricting reforms currently before Congress, districts will be fair -- designed not through political machinations but clear and transparent criteria that yield competitive races. The Congress that results will be somewhat less bound to party base constituencies and somewhat more reflective of the pragmatic, moderate majority of Americans. Thus the political system will be more able to win the public's confidence and respect.

    DLC | E-newsletter June 11, 2010
    Fiscal Responsibility
    Rooted in the rising cost of retirement, a looming and genuinely dangerous long-term mismatch between government's obligations and revenues requires systemic change in our approaches to government service provision, taxation, retirement, and workforce strategy.

    DLC | E-newsletter May 28, 2010
    The Republican Primaries and the End of Reaganism
    Only on the surface are this spring's primary outcomes an "anti-incumbent" rebellion against politicians like Crist, Bennett, and McCain. Just beneath, they represent the semi-conscious recognition of the end of a long intellectual reign -- and the opening of a battle for the succession.

    DLC | E-newsletter May 14, 2010
    Time for Trade
    President Obama set an ambitious trade goal in January: doubling exports in five years. We applaud him for it and support the goal. With one quarter gone and only 19 left to go, we need to step up the pace. With the big health and crisis-response challenges of the administration's first year met, the time has come for trade policy.

    DLC | E-newsletter April 30, 2010
    Reinventing Government, Round Two
    Our first edition takes up an issue at the foundation of all policy -- public trust in government -- and the long-standing DLC theme of "reinventing government" as a key to restoring and preserving it.