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    Key Documents
    DLC and Civic Enterprises | Policy Report | March 3, 2009
    The Quiet Crisis
    By Bruce Reed and John Bridgeland
    In the wake of the economic downturn, nonprofit organizations have been hit by a triple whammy. The evaporation of wealth has decimated charitable donations; the state and local budget crunch is costing nonprofits their foremost paying clients; and the human need for nonprofit help is skyrocketing as nonprofit resources shrink.

    DLC | Speech | March 28, 2007
    Remarks of Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. to the Democratic Leadership Council
    Today we say to campaigns in both parties, and to the press who cover them: The horserace, the money chase, and the in-your-face can wait. Let's turn the next year into the "ideas primary" instead.

    DLC | Key Document | July 24, 2006
    The American Dream Initiative
    For 230 years, Americans have been united by the common dream of a future even greater than our past. The promise of American life, handed on through a dozen generations, rests on this basic bargain: Each of us should have the opportunity to live up to our God-given potential, and the responsibility to make the most of it. In America, anyone willing to work for it deserves the chance to get ahead.

    DLC | Key Document | July 24, 2006
    The American Dream Initiative (Full Version)
    Full text version of The American Dream Initiative.

    DLC | Proposal Summary | July 19, 2006
    Saving the American Dream
    A college education and training are key to individual advancement, and a workforce of college graduates and highly trained workers is the key to giving America a competitive edge.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 8, 2004
    The Right Fight
    By Al From and Bruce Reed
    Democrats can't beat Bush just by being mad at him. They have to offer something better. Now's the time for a new Democratic contract with the middle class.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 27, 2003
    The New Democrats' Declaration
    Two hundred twenty-seven years ago, democratic insurgents and reformers came to Philadelphia to forge a new country that would forever change the course of human events. Now, at the dawn of what ought to be America's greatest century, too many of our country's leaders are trying to leave behind the values and aspirations that have made America great. If we continue on the present course, the promise of America will never be the same.

    DLC | Key Document | January 1, 2001
    The New Democrat Credo
    In keeping with our party's grand tradition, we reaffirm Jefferson's belief in individual liberty and capacity for self-government. We endorse Jackson's credo of equal opportunity for all, special privileges for none. We embrace Roosevelt's thirst for innovation and Kennedy's summons to civic duty. And we intend to carry on Clinton's insistence upon new means to achieve progressive ideals.

    DLC | Key Document | August 1, 2000
    The Hyde Park Declaration: A Statement of Principles and a Policy Agenda for the 21st Century
    As modernizers of the American progressive political tradition, New Democrats call for a new politics for the next decade to reflect new realities.

    DLC/PPI | Key Document | July 10, 1996
    The New Progressive Declaration
    At the dawn of the 21st century, America faces a turning point in our history--a pivotal moment in which old civic virtues must find fresh expression in new democratic institutions and in a new covenant between citizens and their commonwealth.

    DLC | Speech | May 6, 1991
    Keynote Address of Gov. Bill Clinton to the DLC's Cleveland Convention
    Our burden is to give the people a new choice, rooted in old values, a new choice that is simple, that offers opportunity, demands responsibility, gives citizens more say, provides them responsive government -- all because we recognize that we are a community, we are all in this together, and we are going up or down together.

    DLC | Key Document | May 1, 1991
    The New American Choice Resolutions
    Resolutions adopted at the DLC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

    DLC | Key Document | March 1, 1990
    The New Orleans Declaration
    Where we stand. A statement endorsed at the 4th Annual DLC Conference.

    DLC | Policy Report | October 1, 1985
    Winning in the World Economy
    New competitors rise, a conservative administration falls short, progressives ponder a response to the new global economy. Sound familiar?