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    U.S. News and World Report | Opinion | July 28, 2009
    The Lessons of California and New York: Good Politics Is Killing Good Policy
    By Marc Dunkelman
    Both states pit good politics against good policy. Here's why.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 4, 2007
    Loving the 'burbs
    By Peter Ross Range
    You can love the 'burbs or hate 'em, but you can't win elections without 'em.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 4, 2007
    Upper-class Squeeze
    By Bruce Reed
    A recent New York Times study provided shocking evidence of the latest conservative betrayal. According to the latest available IRS data, the richest Americans have fared worse under Bush than any other income group.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | October 18, 2006
    Change, Or Be History
    By Andy Stern
    The U.S. labor movement, business leaders, and policymakers in Washington must all adapt to the profound changes occurring in the global economy. The labor movement must operate worldwide. Meanwhile, business leaders must press for reforms in America's health and retirements systems, and lawmakers must remember that a rising tide is supposed to lift all boats, not just the yachts.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 17, 2006
    Baby Bust
    By Phillip Longman
    Progressives aren't having as many babies as conservatives. Democrats should learn how to appeal to families.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 17, 2006
    By Fred Siegel
    Todd Gitlin's new book, a collection of essays titled The Intellectuals and the Flag, hopes to inspire a "new start for intellectual life on the left" because "Marxism and postmodernism ... are exhausted."

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 9, 2006
    Polar Opposites
    By Will Marshall
    If you don't like how polarized U.S. politics has become, don't just blame Republicans and Democrats. Consider two other key contributors to today's politics of polarization -- the military and the academy.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | November 10, 2005
    Idea of the Week: Taking Suburbs Seriously
    One of the most important ingredients of Tim Kaine's victory in Tuesday's Virginia gubernatorial election was his remarkable success in the high-growth suburbs of Washington, DC.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | October 21, 2005
    Older, Wiser Leftists
    By Peter Ross Range
    A review of Paul Berman's "Power and the Idealists."

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 23, 2005
    Moral Superiority
    By Fred Siegel
    Richard Parker's 820-page authorized biography of John Kenneth Galbraith, clearly a labor of love, is at its best when it deals with debates within the economics profession and Galbraith's role as an early critic of Vietnam. But the book suffers from the fundamental problem that in Parker's eyes, Galbraith can do no wrong.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | June 15, 2005
    Another Setback For Anti-Tax Zealots in Virginia
    A nationally backed effort to "purge" GOP members of the Virginia State House who supported Gov. Mark Warner's tax reform and budget package fell flat Tuesday, with five of the intended six victims winning renomination.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 31, 2005
    Orwellian Parody
    By Fred Siegel
    By the time you finish "The Return of the 'L' Word," you realize the problems of academia go well beyond postmodernism. Douglas S. Massey has made his case: He is the disease of which he proclaims himself the cure.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | May 31, 2005
    Wake-Up Call
    By Peter Ross Range
    If we didn't know it already, one critical fact was confirmed by the recent Pew Research Center survey of Howard Dean's 2004 campaign activists: There is a cultural divide in America. What's troubling is that it's inside the Democratic Party.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 16, 2005
    Broadening the Base
    By Harold Schaitberger
    To be successful, we in the labor movement must broaden our appeal beyond our traditional base of union members. But to expand our base, we must change the theme and delivery of our message.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 15, 2005
    Behind the Curve
    By Peter Ross Range
    Because of the loudness, bitterness, and short-sightedness of our party's absolutist antiwar wing, we've gotten ourselves behind the curve -- and way behind the Republican Party.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 15, 2005
    Know-Nothing Liberalism
    By Fred Siegel
    Left-wing activists have glided seamlessly from the anti-anti-communism of the Cold War years to the anti-Iraq war and anti-globalist stance of the present without offering a geopolitical alternative.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | March 15, 2005
    Suburban Tide
    By Joel Kotkin
    Ever-expanding suburbs and outer-ring exurbs are America's political future. Here's how Democrats can connect with voters there.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | December 13, 2004
    Lessons for Liberals
    By Peter Ross Range
    "I have resolved to search for solutions that take into account both ends of the spectrum. I resolve to support ideas that respond to the needs and beliefs of all. I want to find solutions to conflict, not just reinforce my position."

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | October 7, 2004
    Hooks & Bullets
    By Jan Mazurek and Andrew J. Rotherham
    The nation's sportsmen are strident Republicans, right? Assume nothing.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | October 7, 2004
    Putting Ideas Last
    By Will Marshall
    Money, marketing, and turnout are important, but they can't compensate for a weak case. In politics, the power of ideas trumps them all.

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