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    The Wall Street Journal | Article | December 3, 2010
    U.S. Business Groups Hope For Korea Trade Deal Approval By Spring
    By Tom Barkley
    The major breakthrough Friday in free-trade talks between the U.S. and South Korea could pave the way for congressional approval by next spring.

    Slate | Job Openings | December 2, 2010
    Trade Policy 101
    By Martha C. White
    What's in those free-trade agreements -- and do they really boost exports?

    Sunday Business Post | Article | November 7, 2010
    Democrats Have Plenty to Ponder
    By Niall Stanage
    Democrats in the US are questioning what their party did wrong and where it should go in the wake of last week's sweeping losses in the midterm elections.

    Reuters | Article | November 3, 2010
    Analysis: Election Raises Hope for Trade Deals
    By Doug Palmer
    Republican victories in congressional elections have boosted the chances for approval of three long-delayed free trade agreements, and could mark the start of a cooperative effort between the White House and Congress to open new markets for U.S. exports.

    Reuters | Article | August 19, 2010
    Pakistan Floods Renew Focus on Stalled U.S. Trade Bill
    By Doug Palmer
    Devastating floods in Pakistan have renewed attention to an unfulfilled U.S. promise to create a trade program to help that country recover from an earthquake in 2005 that took close to 80,000 lives.

    The Washington Independent | Article | June 2, 2010
    Outdated Tariff Systems Means the Poor Pay More
    By Martha C. White
    Low-income Americans end up paying extra for necessities like clothes and shoes -- victims of an outdated, inefficient tariff system that inadvertently penalizes the poor.

    The New York Times | Article | March 22, 2010
    DLC's Reed Tapped to Run Deficit Panel
    By Jackie Calmes
    Bruce Reed, the head of the moderate Democratic Leadership Council and the chief domestic policy adviser in the Clinton administration, is likely to become the executive director of President Obama's bipartisan commission on reducing the national debt, according to people familiar with the selection process.

    USA Today | Article | September 2, 2009
    'Hot' jobs? Health care, energy, many not requiring bachelor's
    By Lindsey Anderson
    The hottest job areas from now to 2016 will be in health care, education, information technology and clean energy, a new report says.

    U.S. News and World Report | Article | August 27, 2009
    A Kindle for Every Student
    By Zach Miners
    According to a new report from the Democratic Leadership Council, digital reading devices such as Amazon's Kindle could be a useful tool for improving student learning.

    The Wall Street Journal | Article | July 20, 2009
    Trade: What Is to Be Done?
    By Bob Davis
    The Democratic Leadership Council, a think tank for moderate "New Democrats," would toss out the old, and bring in a new agenda.

    The New York Times | Article | July 14, 2009
    Democratic Group's Proposal: Give Each Student a Kindle
    By Brad Stone
    Some influential members of the Democratic Party want to give electronic reading devices to every student in the country.

    CQ Politics | Article | June 17, 2009
    Emanuel Previews Obama Initiative to Boost Support to Community Colleges
    By David Nather
    In a speech to the Democratic Leadership Council this morning, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said Obama will propose a new initiative "in the next couple of weeks" that will call for "the rewriting of all legislation related to job training and vocational ed in the country" -- with a special emphasis on giving more funding and other support to the community college system.

    Real Clear Politics | Article | June 16, 2009
    Al From Won
    By David Paul Kuhn
    Now, after the long progressive slog from McGovern to Obama, it's From's side that has won.

    WashingtonPost.com | Article | June 16, 2009
    What Republicans Can Learn from the DLC
    By Dan Balz
    In a town of short memories, Al From vividly remembers when Democrats, not Republicans, were the party in the wilderness. As he steps down from the presidency of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), he has some advice for the besieged GOP -- and, not surprisingly, for his party as well.

    CNN Radio | Video | June 16, 2009
    From: Democrats Owe Their Majority to Moderates
    By Bob Costantini
    He's considered the father of moderate Democratic organizations. And the Democratic Leadership Council that Al From helped found has a number of progeny...

    The Washington Post | Article | March 23, 2009
    Radical Change for a Moderate Bastion
    By Chris Cillizza
    The recent retirement of Democratic Leadership Council chief executive Al From and the decoupling of the DLC and the Progressive Policy Institute, its longtime think tank, mark the first major changes at the organization in the better part of a decade.

    Roll Call | Article | March 12, 2009
    A Moderate Superstar Retires From the DLC
    By Matthew Murray
    After what DLC Founder and CEO Al From calls "the equivalent of four Senate terms," he is stepping down this spring and passing the reins to his longtime No. 2, Bruce Reed.

    Politico | Article | March 11, 2009
    Obama: 'I am a New Democrat'
    By Jonathan Martin and Carol E. Lee
    President Barack Obama firmly resists ideological labels, but at the end of a private meeting with a group of moderate Democrats on Tuesday afternoon, he offered a statement of solidarity.

    The Wall Street Journal | Commentary | August 30, 2008
    Harold Ford, Jr.: Obama Should Focus on Education Reform
    By Brendan Miniter
    Mr. Ford stresses that education is among "the types of things Democrats are going to have to focus on ... Not because we want to win elections, but because the country needs it."

    Politico | Article | May 20, 2008
    Middle Class Problems Key to Free Trade
    By Jeanne Cummings
    With so many forces against them, (DLC Founder and CEO Al) From's prescription for the pro-trade agenda is patience.

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