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    Political Reform
    Campaign Finance
    DLC | New Dem Daily | February 19, 2002
    The Devil's Advocates Regroup on Campaign Reform
    Reform advocates should recognize that Shays-Meehan is, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, not the end, or even the beginning of the end, but perhaps the end of the beginning.

    DLC | New Dem Daily | February 13, 2002
    Whose Side Is the President On At "Armageddon?"
    No matter how you feel about campaign finance reform, the President's duplicitous stance raises serious questions about his credibility.

    DLC | New Dem Daily | March 22, 2001
    Campaign Finance Reform: Now and Later
    Action on McCain-Feingold should be the first, not the last, stage in the debate on campaign finance reform. We urge Congress not only to act now, but to act later -- in conjunction with reformers in the states -- to create a higher road to public office.

    DLC | The New Democrat | September 1, 1999
    Breaking the Deadlock On Campaign Reform
    Why not continue to permit unlimited campaign contributions, but to neutral entities rather than candidates?

    DLC | The New Democrat | November 1, 1998
    Campaign Reform Postmortem
    By Curtis Gans
    A four-point plan for breaking the two-decade impasse.

    DLC | The New Democrat | July 1, 1998
    Milkers, Fetchers, and Cash Cows
    By Jonathan Eden Kaplan
    Politicians extract campaign contributions from private parties, McChesney explains, by threatening them with regulation. And those parties are happy to pay up either to maintain current benefits or to avoid potential costs.