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    Political Reform
    The Vital Center
    DLC | E-newsletter | June 25, 2010
    Ban the Gerrymander
    Under redistricting reforms currently before Congress, districts will be fair -- designed not through political machinations but clear and transparent criteria that yield competitive races. The Congress that results will be somewhat less bound to party base constituencies and somewhat more reflective of the pragmatic, moderate majority of Americans. Thus the political system will be more able to win the public's confidence and respect.

    U.S. News and World Report | Opinion | November 3, 2008
    Reaching Out to Wal-Mart Voters in the Forgotten Middle Class
    By Al From
    The best time to go after swing voters is when they're up for grabs. So spending the next four years building a coalition that reaches into the heart of Wal-Mart country will serve as the foundation for election victories to come.

    DLC | Political Study | September 25, 2008
    Who Are the Swing Voters?
    By Al From and Victoria Lynch
    If the history of recent general elections is a guide, the key to putting a Democrat back into the White House this fall will likely depend on how he fares with white voters with at least a high school education but no college degree.

    The Washington Post | Opinion | April 28, 2008
    When Candidates Can't Lose
    By Bruce Reed and Marc Dunkelman
    Competition and democracy go hand in hand. But real competition is still a rare commodity in the House of Representatives, which the Framers designed to be hard-fought.

    The Democratic Strategist | Briefing | February 22, 2008
    Expanding the Democratic Base
    By Al From
    Politics is littered with false choices -- and, to me, no choice is more false for Democrats than choosing between a political strategy aimed at increasing our base vote and a political strategy aimed at winning over swing voters.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | April 23, 2007
    A New Dem in The Big Apple
    By David Yassky
    Even New Yorkers have a pragmatic political sense. They want solutions that work.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 4, 2007
    A New Democratic Majority [if we can keep it]
    By Al From and Bruce Reed
    Democrats seized the center with good candidates and sound strategy. But to sustain a majority, they must reject polarization and speak directly to the forgotten middle class.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 4, 2007
    Clinton Politics vs. Bush Politics
    By Mark Halperin and John F. Harris
    In their new book, "The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008," Halperin and Harris describe two strains of presidential politics practiced in the past two decades. One is a Clinton Politics of centrist inclusion, the other a Bush Politics of polarization. The big question, they write, is which will prevail in 2008?

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 4, 2007
    Ideas, Not Ideology
    By Harold Ford Jr.
    Voters want a government that works. Democrats must offer ideas for meeting today's challenges -- and shaping the nation's future.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 4, 2007
    Lieberman Comes Back
    A campaign insider tells the real story of how the politics of problem-solving trumped the politics of polarization.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 4, 2007
    Polarize This!
    By Will Marshall
    Voters have had enough of destructive partisanship.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | January 4, 2007
    Results Matter
    By Rep. Artur Davis
    Democrats won in 2006 because voters prefer problem-solvers to ideologues.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 22, 2006
    Expand the Base!
    By Ed Kilgore
    To build a majority coalition, Democrats must appeal to more voters outside cities.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 22, 2006
    Proven Formula
    By Al From and Bruce Reed
    Democrats have a winning governing philosophy they can offer the country. It's called Clintonism.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 22, 2006
    Why Americans Vote Their Values
    By Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger
    In a post-material era, people seek status, purpose, and happiness -- and cast their ballots accordingly.

    DLC  | Blueprint Magazine | July 22, 2006
    Generation 9/11
    By Rachel Kleinfeld and Matthew Spence
    For today's young adults, the fall of the Twin Towers was the formative foreign policy event. Their outlook may revive the Truman-Kennedy tradition of tough-minded internationalism.

    DLC | Policy Report | May 24, 2006
    Growing the Vote
    By Ed Kilgore
    While careful attention to demographic challenges and opportunities is always important, and mobilization drives are invariably critical, expanding the Democratic base by persuasion must assume a more central place in future Democratic strategy.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 9, 2006
    How I Won
    By Gov. Tim Kaine
    Building on the popularity of Gov. Mark Warner, Kaine offered voters a compelling personal story, a shrewd suburban strategy, and a clear vision for Virginia's future. He won strong in a red state.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 9, 2006
    Moment of Opportunity
    By Al From
    Bush and the GOP have put the country on the wrong track. But Democrats can only make big gains with the right agenda.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | February 9, 2006
    Reform or Die
    By Bruce Reed
    The moment a party in power starts believing it will live forever usually coincides with the moment it is about to be declared brain-dead.

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