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    Political Reform
    DLC | E-newsletter | July 23, 2010
    Less of the complaining ...
    The record of the Obama administration is already very strong, and they have done it while battling an inherited economic disaster. Their critics should consider that, and as the midterms approach we advise gently: Less of the complaining, more of the helping.

    DLC | Commentary | July 28, 2009
    Some Good News on Housing
    By Paul Weinstein Jr.
    While a spate of new data indicates that the housing market may have turned the corner, Congress could lighten the load on the rest of the economy by quickly sending President Obama a bill expanding the current $8000 first-time buyers' tax credit to all homebuyers.

    DLC | Political Study | June 19, 2008
    Gerrymandering the Vote
    How a "Dirty Dozen" states suppress as many as 9 Million voters.

    DLC | Commentary | January 25, 2008
    Toward a More Stimulating Debate on the Economy
    By Ed Kilgore
    In their haste to reassure troubled financial markets with quick action, "stimulus package" dealmakers in the House missed some opportunities that should be reconsidered down the road.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | November 1, 2007
    Idea of the Week: A Free Trade Agreement With Peru
    Shaped by Reps. Charles Rangel and Sandy Levin, the Free Trade Agreement with Peru strikes a good balance between traditional market-opening measures and progressive social goals.

    PPI | Letter | October 5, 2007
    Letter to Chairman Waxman
    In what may have been their effort to squeeze the size of the federal workforce, the administration has shifted work on a much larger scale to "contract" workers who have been left without the oversight required to ensure that that the taxpayers are getting value for their investment.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | July 27, 2007
    A Missed Opportunity For Reform
    This week's House vote on U.S. Rep. Ron Kind's amendment to the farm bill was a missed opportunity to reform agricultural policy.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | January 5, 2007
    First Things First
    It's significant that new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has placed first things first: enacting new ethics and budget rules that will exhibit a determination to avoid the rampant personal and fiscal irresponsibility of the recently evicted Republican majority.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | October 6, 2006
    Idea of the Week: A Progressive Agenda for Opportunity, Responsibility, and Security
    Democrats don't have to say that much about what they will do if they replace the GOP. But what they do say, and what values and ideas they bring to the table, will make all the difference in the world.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | July 22, 2006
    Cleaning House
    By Bruce Reed
    It's time to give the House back to the people.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | May 11, 2006
    Tax Cuts: One Thing Over and Over
    They can't pass a budget. They're completely paralyzed on immigration reform. They're in a confused panic about energy prices. But the Republicans who control the federal government can always be counted on to do one thing: cut taxes for the wealthy.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | April 4, 2006
    Without DeLay
    It will take far more than Tom DeLay's departure to reform the Washington culture he once deplored and then epitomized. And Democrats have an unparalleled opportunity and responsibility to make the case for real change.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | March 16, 2006
    GOP Budget Policy: Consistently Irresponsible
    The GOP has shown once again, with this week's rejection of a PAYGO amendment and an increase in the national debt limit, that they're consistently irresponsible in managing taxpayers' dollars. No one should believe otherwise until the elephant executes a 180-degree turn.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | January 5, 2006
    The GOP's Sneaky Welfare Reform Maneuver
    Unable to get welfare reform reauthorization through the normal procedures of Congress, and unwilling to compromise, the administration and Congressional Republicans decided to sneak their version into a budget bill by moving the package without giving Members time to read it.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | November 16, 2005
    A Bipartisan Call For A Clear Iraq Strategy
    Yesterday, the Senate overwhelmingly passed a resolution that represented a stinging, bipartisan rebuke to the Bush administration's "Just Trust Us" approach to the immediate and long-range future of our involvement in Iraq.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | October 20, 2005
    Republican Budget Follies
    While Democrats are rightly deploring the whole Congressional budget resolution mess, that's not enough: They should show clearly what they would do with the power of the purse.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | March 17, 2005
    The "Nuclear Option": Extremism in the Defense of Partisan Power
    Senate Republicans are openly considering a radical change in that chamber's very nature in order to establish iron partisan control of the process for confirming federal judges. Democrats should support their senators in a principled effort to stop this partisan outrage, and to make real political reform the highest possible priority.

    DLC | New Dem Dispatch | March 16, 2005
    PAYGO, Or No Go, On the Budget
    PAYGO worked before, it can work again; and it's a useful tool for reforming a Congress that's lost its grip on the basics of fiscal arithmetic.

    DLC | New Dem Daily | November 30, 2004
    A Bright IDEA
    Last week's reauthorization of special education legislation is a bright spot in a bitterly contentious and unproductive Congressional session.

    DLC | New Dem Daily | November 29, 2004
    Banning Bipartisanship
    Bipartisanship reached a new and even historic low last week, as House Speaker Dennis Hastert refused to bring an administration-backed bipartisan intelligence reform bill to the floor that would have definitely passed, because he wasn't sure a majority of House Republicans supported it.

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