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    Public School Choice & Charters
    DLC | The New Democrat | March 1, 1999
    Charting the Next Course
    By Theo Yedinsky
    A bill in the Minnesota legislature would give communities the option -- via a local referendum supported by the majority of voters -- to create entire school districts composed of charter schools.

    DLC | The New Democrat | July 1, 1998
    Standing in the Schoolhouse Door
    By The Editors
    If the privatization movement wins the race for the future of K-12 education, it will largely be because the public school reform movement was held back by its own "friends."

    DLC | The New Democrat | July 1, 1998
    The 12 Labors of Charter Schools
    By Chester E. Finn Jr. and Bruno V. Manno
    Will the movement ever end up at the center of school reform?

    DLC | New Dem Daily | May 29, 1998
    Idea of the Week: Charter Districts
    The main problem with the limited experiments in public school choice being undertaken across the country is precisely that they are treated as limited experiments: a small sideshow to the continuing spotlight on traditional public schools.

    DLC | Briefing | October 9, 1997
    Federal Charter School Legislation
    Cosponsored by Reps. Frank Riggs (R-CA) and Tim Roemer (D-IN), the "Charter Schools Amendments Act of 1997" is part of a bicameral effort to strengthen the Charter School Grant Program, which provides federal seed money for charter schools.

    PPI | Briefing | October 1, 1997
    Defining a Proper Federal Role in Support of Charter Schools
    By Jon Schroeder
    In 1991, Minnesota passed the nation's first charter school law and, almost immediately, Congress began what is still an unresolved effort to define a proper role for the federal government in support of this important strategy for state-based education reform.

    DLC | Backgrounder | April 1, 1994
    Blueprint for Change: Charter Schools
    By Keith A. Halpern and Eliza R. Culbertson
    Public education must be expanded to offer more choices for students and parents. To create these choices, innovators must be freed from the bureaucratic restrictions of traditional schools.

    PPI | Policy Report | November 1, 1990
    Beyond Choice to New Public Schools: Executive Summary
    By Ted Kolderie
    Americans now face a practical question: how can we use the powerful idea of choice to improve our schools while retaining the essential purposes of public education?

    Admin | Memo | October 28, 1990
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