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    The New Economy
    Labor Unions and Policy
    DLC | New Dem Daily | July 6, 2001
    Idea of the Week: A New Economy Labor Movement
    There's fresh thinking bubbling up in the Labor Movement about steps it can take to help workers compete and win in the New Economy.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 1, 2000
    Back to the Future
    By Interview by Kerry Tremain
    Silicon Valley labor leader Amy Dean argues that mobile, Information Age workers need an updated version of the craft guild.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 1, 2000
    Reinventing Unions
    By Stephen A. Herzenberg, John A. Alic, and Howard Wial
    Labor unions have an important role in the New Economy. In the industrial era, unions negotiated work rules, while managers did the thinking. New union leaders are equipping workers with relevant skills and more flexible organizations.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 1, 2000
    Revolutionizing Work
    By Paul Osterman
    Under pressure from global competition, American firms have changed the way they operate - producing huge gains in productivity, quality, exports, and customer satisfaction.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | June 1, 2000
    What Works: Boosting Clothing Workers
    By Bruce Herman and Linda Dworak
    America's unions are taking the lead in launching a host of what are called High Road Partnerships that build alliances with employers and their communities. One of the most successful and oldest is the New York-based Garment Industry Development Corporation (GIDC).

    DLC | The New Democrat | July 1, 1999
    A Window Opens In the House of Labor
    By Theo Yedinsky
    With little fanfare last October, a group of American social democrats launched an interactive web site and e-mail mailing list aimed at fostering robust dialogue both within and outside of labor about the New Economy's impact on topics such as workplace issues, family life, and communities.

    DLC | Blueprint Magazine | December 1, 1998
    Back to the Future with New Labor
    By Fred Siegel and Joel Kotkin
    The role for unions in a society that needs technical skills is to provide them.

    DLC | The New Democrat | May 1, 1998
    Internet Workers, Untie!
    "Should Internet industry workers unionize?" The following is a sampling of their replies.

    DLC | The New Democrat | March 1, 1998
    More Perfect Unions
    By The Editors
    In this issue, instead of knocking labor for opposing trade expansion or government reform, we examine the constructive role it can play in the New Economy.

    DLC | The New Democrat | March 1, 1998
    New Unions For a New Economy
    By Stephen A. Herzenberg, John A. Alic, and Howard Wial
    How labor can help lay the foundation for widely shared prosperity.

    DLC | The New Democrat | March 1, 1998
    Playing Cards Face Up
    By Erik Gunn
    In Wisconsin, unions and firms are building high-performance workplaces together.

    DLC | The New Democrat | March 1, 1998
    View From the Left Coast
    By Harold Meyerson
    In California, unions have assembed the elements of a new progressive urban agenda.

    DLC | The New Democrat | March 1, 1998
    Why America Needs a New Labor
    By The Editors
    We believe a reinvigorated labor movement can and should play a vital part in shaping a new progressive politics for America in the Information Age.

    DLC | Talking Points | July 24, 1997
    The TEAM Act
    Unions are a time-honored vehicle for protecting workers and representing their interests, and where employees seek to organize through unions, their employers should not be free to frustrate those efforts through company-sponsored alternatives. But in workplaces where there is no verifiable employee interest in organizing through unions, labor laws should not prevent worker empowerment through EI's or teams.

    DLC | Talking Points | May 13, 1997
    Talking About Comp-time
    As long as legitimate worker concerns are addressed, New Democrats should support comp-time legislation.

    DLC | Briefing | April 17, 1997
    Comp-time Legislation
    Public policy should support two-parent families by giving them as much flexibility as possible to balance family and income needs. There should also be an understanding that the tools and protection workers need in the Information Age are different from those required in the Industrial Era.

    Admin | Memo | October 28, 1990
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